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Student Jobs

There are many opportunities for students to earn while studying by either working at Rhodes or within the broader community. Opportunities include:

  • Sub-wardening within a student residence or as an Oppidan sub-warden
  • Tutoring of students within academic departments. In some cases, Graduate Assistant Bursaries are offered where an individual has to commit to work for 156 hours in the academic department. This work may include tutoring but is likely to also involve administrative work in the academic department
  • Drivers on the Get Home Safe Project run by the Dean of Students Division
  • Assisting Hall Wardens with disciplinary matters
  • Work as fitness instructors at the Rhodes Health Suite or as coaches with the Sports Administration Section
  • Working as a Stoodge (student helper) at one of the local schools with hostels

Work opportunities for students can take place in two key ways:

  1. Deliberate recruitment for a particular job e.g. academic departments advertising for tutors, Drivers on the Get Home Safe Project and the Students Assisting Hall Wardens was targeted at law students;
  2. From a file containing applications from students looking for part-time or ad hoc employment, and a needy department in the university will collect from Recruitment.

International (non-South African) Student Restrictions:

  1. In terms of the Immigration Act 2002 (Act 13 of 2002), Immigration Regulations, the holder of a study permit may conduct part-time work for a period not exceeding 20 hours per week.
  2. This requirement applies during the academic term.
  3. Students who are in contravention of the Act, may have any part-time work appointment terminated without notice.

To Apply

Please complete the application forms and together with your CV and current time table to

Student Application Form


The Assistant to the Deputy Director: HR

Room 209

Ext 8591

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